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Shorter story / just a few seconds / I’m fine don’t worry / is a little moment / because I’m a powerful girl / but you aren’t a charming boy / no more / I know that / and I have to think positive / without you / the time is over / and the month pass quickly / I don’t want that / I want live slowly / the days have twenty-four hours / but I want thirty / I don’t want to finish! / never ever / welcome to the real world darling / is time to be a big girl now / and big girls don’t cry / I know is difficult / because I’m a girl who crying a lot / and that’s a problem / I suppose that I don’t know me very well / Who I am? / Where I go? / What I search? / Can I do it? / I think yes / But I just a little criticism to myself / and that’s a brick who / don’t allow me walk to the rainbow / I want to dance / sing / write / think / listen / but I don’t want think in you / I want a person who care me / Who talk everything in every place / who smile and see in his eyes sincerity, peace and love.



Deseo que encuentres eso último, se siente maravilloso.

Te quiero cariño.

P.D. Yo quiero hablar con vos pero no te saco el telf. con nada del mundo jeje, a ver si me pasas tu skype name y la hacemos =)

feliz cumple mi mu linda! ya cambia tu edad en tu perfil, ya tienes 21! jaja

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